Forest Award

Trailmen who earn all 7 Branch Awards for Foxes, Hawks, or Mountain Lions plus an additional 18 leaves on any combination of branches for a total of 81 leaves will earn their Forest Badge for their respective age group. It is general expected that a Trailman would earn his Forest Award during his first year in his age group. Deficiencies can be picked up during the second year while earning Sylvan Stars and for Mountain Lions the Timberline Award.

Troops may initiate additional programming, in accordance with instructions in this Guidebook, to provide additional opportunities for Trailmen to earn leaves, branches, and thereby their Forest Badges.

Forest Awards are displayed on the Troop Uniform, hanging on the right pocket.

Sylvan Stars

Trailmen who receive their Forest Badge shall be eligible to earn additional Leaves through continued participation in the program within their age group.

  • One Sylvan Star shall be awarded for each branch making a maximum of seven stars.
  • Sylvan Stars are pinned to the Forest Badge and are worn on the uniform.
  • Sylvan Stars may not be awarded until the Forest Award has been earned.