Adventurers Program

  • Grades Supported: 9th through 12th
  • Ranks Earned: The Journey Award, The Horizon Award, The Freedom Award
  • Trail Badges: [Citizenship] [Cycling] [Emergency Preparedness] [Family Man] [Fitness] [Hiking] [Outdoor Life] [Personal Resources] [Swimming]

Characteristics of Adventurer-age Boys

Adventurers are older teens who are ready and willing to make big decisions. The Adventurer Advisor or Trail Guide steps back and lets them make those decisions. The preferred way to give advice may be to appear not to give advice at all.

Leaders may ask questions like, "Does that outfitter have a long waiting list?" or a statement such as, "I think you have to be at least 18 to go on that hike." The boys will take it from there. It is always better to raise the question than to blurt out the answer. This is somewhat akin to a mother or teacher asking someone to use the dictionary themselves rather than asking for the definition of a word. It is also a subtle vote of confidence in their ability to handle the issue themselves.

Where Navigators Trailmen focused on ranks as they became capable outdoorsmen, Adventurers Trailmen focus on awards that represent increased independence and leadership skills.

Morals and Values

  • Adventurers-age boys tend to return to the cultural and social traditions that they questioned just a few years ago. They show an ability to use insight and moral reasoning in their decisions and goals.


  • As youth mature, they become more able to use forethought, to develop mature work habits, and to find a meaningful place for themselves in society.


  • Older boys are more self-confident and capable of developing more serious social relationships.

Growing Independence

  • Adventurers-age boys become increasingly independent and possess a stronger self-image. They will still have firm bonds of friendship, but may be more confident in their own interests. They often start to have less conflict with their parents. They are better able to consider their ideas and actions, and to be more reasonable about their needs and wants. They will likely exhibit more maturity and emotional stability.