Horizon Rangeman

A Horizon Trailman still looks back to the younger boys and helps them with their skills, but he also looks ahead to the Freedom Award and seeks to help the Troop succeed and to help Freedom candidates with their Freedom projects. He should be not only useful to the Troop, he should also be learning valuable lessons about life that will pay off time and again when he is a man.

The Horizon Trailman has earned all of the required 15 Trail Badges that encompass the body of specific knowledge required in the Trail Life USA program. He will come across many new ideas and opportunities on his way to manhood. Some of them lead to great things, others to disaster. He will show his wisdom as he avoids the pitfalls and keeps his heart and mind headed upward, developing the image of God within him, and becoming the man God desires he should be. The word "Excelsior" is Latin for "ever onward", and that is where he will find those new horizons.



  • Earns the Journey Badge.

Trail Badge Work:

  • Earn the following nine badges: Aquatics, Camping, Fire Ranger, First Aid, Our Flag, Outdoor Cooking, Ropework, Trail Skills, and Woods Tools.
  • Earn the following six Horizon required Trail Badges as an Adventurer: Citizenship, Emergency Preparedness, Family Man, Outdoor Life, and Personal Resources, and any one Fitness Badge (Cycling, Fitness, Hiking, or Swimming).
  • Earn a total of ten elective Trail Badges including elective Trail Badges earned as a Navigator.

Servant Service:

  • Complete 20 hours of service for each year since joining Adventurers. Record your hours on the service chart in your handbook and have them verified by an adult.

Troop Involvement:

  • Maintain a level of Troop meeting attendance acceptable to your Trailmaster (typically 60% or better).
  • Participate in at least 8 Troop activities since becoming an Adventurer, not including regular meetings. Record each activity on the activity chart in your handbook (trips, camp, community outings, etc.) and have each one verified by an adult.


Since earning the Journey Award, serve as a First Officer, Second Officer, Quartermaster or Patrol Leader for a minimum of six months or (pick one):

  • Plan and implement program, food, and wilderness travel plans (biking, hiking,paddle craft, etc.) for a camping or high adventure trip approved by your Advisor.
  • Plan and implement an Adventurers-only high adventure or extended travel experience including, program, food, and travel plans approved by your Advisor.
  • Plan and implement a unique Troop or unit service project approved by your Advisor.
  • At five Troop meetings, demonstrate your leadership ability by planning and instructing Navigators in significant Trail Badge skills approved by your Advisor or Trail Guide and the Trailmaster.
  • At five Troop meetings, demonstrate your leadership ability by planning and instructing a Woodlands Trail group in significant skills approved by your Advisor or Trail Guide and the Woodlands Trail Ranger.

Marks His Progress:

  • Successfully complete an Advancement Conference with your Advisor.
  • Successfully complete a Board of Review.