Freedom Rangeman

A Freedom Rangeman understands and appreciates his freedom as a gift given all mankind by God. He also understands that the chance to enjoy that freedom was bought by the hard work, courage, and sacrifices of men just like him.


Having completed all of the required Trail Badge work with the Horizon Award, a Trailman's focus now turns to three specific areas:

  1. A faith building program: Several faith-building options are available including strong Christian Discipleship and mentoring programs.
  2. Leadership development as demonstrated through a "Servant Leadership Project": Attaining the highest award in the Adventurers program requires a special servant leadership project that demonstrates the skills and ideals learned in the Troop. It will be challenging, but the Trailman can rise to that challenge and help freedom ring in his town, his country, and his world.
  3. Community involvement and active citizenry as experienced through the Freedom Experiences of the Majors and Minors program: A special document outlines an extensive list of approved "Freedom Experiences" that a Trailman can participate in as he build his presence in his community as an active and engaged citizen.

There are times when a Freedom Rangeman will feel God's presence very strongly, and other times when he will feel alone. Just as the sun still exists even after it has set below the horizon, God still exists when we cannot feel his comforting presence. In both of those times equally God is with us and we are never truly alone.

A Freedom Trailman is distinguished by the title of Freedom Rangeman, as he has now successfully traversed the trail to Christian manhood and possesses the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to strike out on his own as a young man while holding firmly to his character and the morals that he has incorporated as part of his identity. A Freedom Rangeman remains committed to the values that have come to define his walk on the Trail Life!



  • Earn the Horizon Award.

(Note: The Freedom Experiences and Faith Building Activity for the Freedom Award may be completed before earning the Horizon Award.)

Majors and Minors:

Complete Trail Life USA approved Freedom Experiences in Major and Minor Fields of your choosing. Each Freedom Experience must be approved by your Advisor before you start. After completing each Freedom Experience, have a conference with your Advisor for final approval. Record your progress in the Freedom Experiences Chart in your handbook along with your Advisor's approvals.

  • Complete two Freedom Experiences in your Major Field.
  • Complete one Freedom Experience in a second Field. (this counts as a Minor)
  • Complete one Freedom Experience in a third Field. (this counts as a Minor)

Troop Involvement:

  • Maintain a level of Troop meeting attendance acceptable to your Trailmaster (typically 60% or better).
  • Participate in at least 16 Troop activities since becoming a Navigator, not including regular meetings. Record each activity on the activity chart in your handbook (trips, camp, community outings, etc.) and have each one verified by an adult.


Complete one of the following Faith Building Activity options and discuss it with your Advisor or Trail Guide:

  • The Adventurers Trail Life USA Spiritual Development Award
  • An Adventurers level Christian Religious Recognition (according to your denomination)
  • An Adventurers Trail Life USA approved youth-mentored Group Discipleship Program, such as the Band of Brothers Program
  • The Trail Life USA Vanguard Program

Servant Leadership Project:

  • Complete a Freedom Servant Leadership Project according to the standards in the Freedom Award Procedure Guide.


Since earning the Able Trailman Rank, serve as a Junior Patrol Leader for a minimum of six months or (pick one):

  • Any Trail Life USA Values Branch Trail Badge The Navigators Christian Faith Activities option.
  • A Navigators level Christian religious recognition (according to your denomination.)
  • A Navigators Trail Life USA approved father-and-son Group discipleship Program, such as the manhood Journey Program.

Marks His Progress:

  • Successfully complete an Advancement Conference with Advisor and Troopmaster
  • Successfully complete a Freedom Award Board of Review.

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