Troop Trip/Activity Form

This form is for Troop activities and is to be filed and approved by the Charter Organization. This includes Troop Camping and other trips less than 400 miles from the meeting location for the Troop. FOR TROOP TRIPS AND ACTIVITIES INVOLVING TRAVEL OVER 400 MILES, INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL, REGIONAL/AREA ACTIVITIES OR RESTRICTED HIGH ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES AS OUTLINED IN THE HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDE PLEASE USE THE HIGH ADVENTURE/RESTRICTED ACTIVITY FORM.

  • Prior to completion of this Form, all Troop Leaders and Registered Adults involved with the planning or carrying out of these activities should be familiar with the Trail Life USA Health and Safety Guide and be especially knowledgeable of the requirements and safety provisions for those activities in which the Troop will be participating.
  • As set forth in the Trail Life USA Health and Safety Guide, Troop Camping requires advanced submission to and the approval of the Charter Organization.
  • This Troop Trip/Activity Form does not get submitted to the Trail Life USA Home Office.
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