Navigators Rank Advancement

During their three years in the Navigators program, Trailmen work on rank advancement. Their ranks represent a growing ability to operate comfortably, safely, and confidently in the outdoors. These skills will form the foundation of later adventures and teach important life lessons in character development.

Navigators participate in a true outdoor program with hiking, camping, and other activities. They are in more of a learning mode, developing their core skills with adequate supervision and easing gracefully into camping by patrols. As they climb through the ranks of Journey Trailman, Able Trailman, and Ready Trailman, they will lay a safe and comfortable foundation for the challenges of the Adventurers Program.

Think of the Trail Life as an aquatic activity with the youngest boys being non-swimmers who play in shallow water. Navigators are like beginner swimmers who can venture into deeper waters but still remain in standing-depth areas where they can rest. Replace the water with leadership and you get the idea - the goal is to prepare Navigators to be strong swimmers so they can be confident and comfortable in the deeper leadership challenges later on.

Navigators have nine required trail badges they must complete. Ideally the trail badges will be taught over an 18-month period with the goal of covering each one twice in the three year Navigators experience. With boys constantly entering the program, ample provision is made for every boy to have a chance to comfortably complete his nine required badges with an opportunity to make up anything skipped during an absence.

By always teaching the series of badges in the same order, a natural staggering effect is realized where the second 18-month class set occurs six months later in the year from the first. That makes it convenient when band, athletics, or other recurring obligations cause boys to miss meetings at the same time each year.

Two weeks of the month the Navigators Trailman works on required badges. The third week of the month he joins with the Adventurers. That leaves the last week of the month free for a special activity or as makeup time if the age group falls behind schedule.

If a Navigators Trailman misses out on badge work during the meetings, he can work on his requirements outside of meetings with his Mentor.

Navigators Ranks

Recruit Trailman

Able Trailman

Ready Trailman